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How TubbyTown was born

When I started using my products at home, I put cartoon labels on the bottles to make my kids laugh. I mean, who doesn't love to make their kids laugh? It is intoxicating. My kids loved them, and that’s when the idea for TubbyTown, a make-believe bath-time wonderland, was born. TubbyTown™'s residents currently include Dewey the dragon, Daisy the skunk, Clio the teddy bear and Ollie the octopus. Each has its own distinctive personality, and its own dedicated bath-time product. I know your little ones will look forward to playing with them each time they step into the tub just like mine do.

Here is the initial sketch of Dewey, Daisy, Clio & Ollie together in the tub. Aren't they cute?
Learn more about them here.

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