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A Few Comments From Around the Web

"My 10 yr old son is a special needs child requiring total care. He has always had eczema issues in the cooler months, which around here is October thru April. He has a form of it that shows up as little bumps all over, including his scalp, and if not tended to right away becomes crusty and drains. He uses Triamcinolone cream for that, but I so wanted just to cure it! He cannot say if the spots are itchy, nor can he scratch them if they are. I've tried just about everything before I came across this product. I've used it on him, along with the body wash, daily for the last 3 months. He now only a few times a week will have a spot or two on his head(I use both products on his head as well), and his body is CLEAR!! I am so amazed and so grateful for these products. I highly recommend to everyone. It is higher priced than other products, but it works and is all natural to boot. You will NOT regret purchasing these products. Love, Love, Love! :)"

"I was using CB's Super Sensitive and Calming washes before MTN's Daisy when my daughter was 1 yr old. I was very impressed when I noticed a significant improvement in the softness of my daughter's hair. I also like that the scent is mild and the shampoo lathers just enough. For those of you looking at toxins... I was unable to get a complete report of Daisy's via the EWG's database because 2 of the ingredients were not found (lauryl lactyl lactate, white peony tea extract), but the white peony doesn't bother me, and reports lauryl lactyl lactate to be safe. The only ingredient that had a moderate hazard rating of "3" was the last one in the list (potassium sorbate), so that does not bother me either. With the 2 mentioned ingredients unfound, the EWG overall rating was "1" (low health concern), same as CB. Daisy's is a few dollars more than CB, but I am too happy with Daisy's to care, especially since it gives better results."

"This is our favorite bubble bath by far! Before I discovered this product, I used to use California Baby bubble bath because I wanted to use all natural products whenever possible. The California Baby product was not very bubbly, and I just resigned myself to the fact that a green/organic bubble bath would not be very bubbly. And then I discovered My True Nature bubble bath -- an all natural product with tons and tons of nice smelling bubbles. I love it and so do my 3 little ones!"

"We LOVE Clio! My daughter started struggling with moderate/severe eczema when she was 7mo. old. She's now a year old and over the last five months I feel like I have explored all eczema related skin care products out there. Her skin has drastically improved over the last couple months and I believe that improvement is due to a combination of dietary changes and finding the right products. Clio is our favorite daily lotion! As any parent of a child suffering from eczema knows, keeping the skin moist is key and Clio does a great job. It took a trip to a drier climate for me to really understand the difference between Clio and the other creams. Over a one week trip I shared lotions/creams with my daughter and was SHOCKED to discover that all the super thick creams we had been using only sat on the surface of our skin (my hands were so dry under these creams!), but our skin easily absorbed the Clio lotion and kept it moist. I also love how most of the Clio ingredients are organic. Not something I found with other eczema creams. My daughter is still a huge scratcher and she still has eczema flare ups, but we are diligent about applying Clio 3x a day and I think it's helped improve her skin's resilience and really reduced the need for cortisone cream. It's been such a big hit with her, I'm now using it too! I highly recommend giving it a try if your child has sensitive/eczema-prone skin."

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